Unified Communications with UCaaS

Legacy systems are on their way out, and UCaaS is stepping in! These Hosted PBX solutions are available for all businesses that need more flexibility, reliability, and scalability. With our Hosted Business Phones, all software is in the cloud, making these devices easy to set up, maintain, and even bring on the go!
You also receive access via desktop/mobile, making this solution even more versatile. Change features instantly, or even access work information with your cell while commuting! A Unified Communications platform is the perfect fit for any company wanting flexibility.

Unbeatable Value with our Call Center Platform

Many Call Center platform vendors charge you for features you won’t ever use. The most important features your call center need from your CCaaS solution is a robust platform with reliability, performance, and flexibility.
A robust platform has a wide array of capabilities to meet your needs, such as custom queuing and routing for voice and SMS. In addition to the platform capabilities, geographic redundancy provides you with the reliability required for your call center to run efficiently.
Along the same lines as redundancy, high availability is a major factor in the performance and reliability of your CCaaS solution. High availability ensures that even in peak call times and planned maintenance, your communications run smoothly. Finally, as economies shift, your call or contact center benefits from the flexibility to scale and move your system based on your workforce needs.

Unbeatable Benefits with VCaaS

As with all other “as a service” products, you can access all the latest in video tech on the cloud. Without complicated installations or tedious maintenance. We handle everything for you, so that you can start unlocking these and more benefits:
  • Innovative tech: VCaaS allows your business to access HD conferencing at the touch of a button.
  • Flexibility: Our VCaaS works on any device and anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Simplicity: Access your video communications with simplicity – all you need is a browser.
  • No-hassle maintenance: We manage everything from security to updates. Meaning less work for you.